I Am honored to have you here…

I Am not a traditional Hoodoo practitioner in that I have studied many ways of casting and have merged those systems into one that fully resonates with me.  I believe that teachings were meant to be customized in order to afford the caster space to experience growth and expansion with their Craft.

I Am also unbiased when it comes to casting. What I mean is I do not harbor any heavy energy around workings that would require a “darker” touch.  In my most humble opinion, everything is energy, and to condemn one frequency is to condemn it all. 

I do not have time for smallness, pettiness, nor fear for I stand firmly in my Power, fully knowing who I Am, and what I Am capable of achieving.

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me for your free 20-minute consultation. This way, we can both discern if working together is the best course of action.  I ask that you come to me fully transparent and authentic in your request as this is how I live my life.

Should we not be a match… I Am seeing you receiving your desired outcome with ease!

Thanks for stopping by!

∞ Gone Conjurin’ ∞
Workin’ the Root… Not the Strip!™